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You probably have a bunch! We encourage you to ask as many questions as you’d like. If you’re shy, go ahead and email us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only YOU (and anyone else you choose to show). We take your privacy very seriously. We’ll always consult with you about images we’d like to use publicly, but you get the final say.

Absolutely not. Do whatever makes you comfortable! Everyone has different comfort levels, and we respect those boundaries completely. We’re pretty darn good at making you feel sexy in any style.

Yes. We’ve shot in all sorts of environments and have the ability to capture them with an artistic eye. Location for your shoot will be covered during your coffee-consult.

Yes and no. We’re extremely passionate about celebrating the real you. This means we will NOT add 3 cup sizes, shave off 2″ here and there, or make your butt look like Kim’s. We’re in the business of body positivity – not body manipulation.

That being said, we definitely edit each of your images! Blemishes and basic skin softening are covered, so don’t worry. We’ll cover all your favorite features and insecurities in the consultation so that your shoot is customized for your body.

It’s not a requirement, but getting it done professionally will definitely help make you look even better in your photos. The day is about making you look fabulous, so you deserve getting the star treatment!

We can recommend you to some local hair & makeup artists (HMUA) for some exclusive savings!

Don’t worry, we’re with you every step of the way through your journey! We’ll send you a to-do list to prep you for the day of the session.

Totally your choice! We don’t provide outfits just due to their nature. Plus, you have your own style and fit! Ask us if you’re unsure about whether your outfit is ‘photo friendly.’ Here is a short list of possibilities:
  • A robe to keep warm between light changes, and so you have something to wear/keep warm without leaving clothing marks
  • Almost any of your favorite bras or underwear (if it makes you feel sexy)
  • Corsets, babydolls, teddies, etc.
  • Shoes! (boots, heels, etc.)
  • One of his/her favorite shirts, button up, etc.

This is up to you! Some ideas could include:

  • Jewelry (necklaces, pearls, etc.)
  • Scarves
  • Food props (wine glass, whisk, mixing bowl, flour)
  • Apron
  • Cookbook
  • Bows, ribbons
  • Plain white T-shirt
  • Whatever you like!