What the heck is boudoir?

Technically speaking, “boudoir” is a French word for a woman’s private sitting room or sometimes a private bedroom. It’s evolved to describe a genre of photography that may encompass a wide range of emotions: sensual, romantic, empowering, intimate, sexual, erotic, fierce, dark, light, dreamy, edgy, provocative, playful, or even mysterious. Honestly, it’s up to you and your tastes on what you want to convey. Boudoir photos don’t mean you have to be naked!

What boudoir means to us.

That’s our tagline. It sounds pretty straight-forward, but there’s meaning behind it. Since the beginning, we’ve wanted to create a truly unique and intimate experience from first meeting to final images. We believe everyone should have their own boudoir experience for so many reasons.

In a society that constantly tells us how to look and feel about our own bodies, we want to help you appreciate and CELEBRATE yourself – just the way you are. You deserve to feel confident and empowered in a way that highlights how wonderfully and beautifully you were created. It’s not just about sexy pictures. It’s about beginning to break down your own insecurities and loving yourself in the process.

We want you to be excited for your session. Prepare for it. Anticipate it. Have fun with it. Heck, even brag about it! One of the most rewarding experiences is being able to watch a client react to their photos. We love watching the smiles, laughter, and sometimes even joyful tears as they think, “wow, I AM beautiful.” It’s amazing how powerfully rewarding it can be to step a little outside your comfort zone!




Meet the photog.

My name is Eric. For any new people, here’s a warning: I’m mostly sarcasm and (dumb) dry humor. Okay, moving on.
I love to laugh and I love making others laugh (even at my own expense).

My love for photography began when I sold a computer to a client. He couldn’t pay the bill fully, so he offered to trade his camera to make up the difference. Admittedly, that camera collected dust in my closet for a couple years before I finally got around to selling it. Since it sat for so long, I had to make sure it still worked. The first few pictures I took were all black. The dude sold me a broken camera (or so I thought)! A few minutes of button-mashing later, the pictures were getting brighter, but everything was blurry. What the F(-stop)? (did you see what I did there)
Fast-forward a few YouTube videos, and I was on my way to taking pictures of flowers and random stuff in the junk drawer. Needless to say, it was underwhelming. I finally worked up the courage to ask a friend to ‘model’ for me. Despite having zero working knowledge of what manual mode was, I still managed to capture a few moments where she truly connected with the camera. I knew it: I was hooked.

Hundreds of thousands of images later, I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot as far as Hawaii and even parts of Europe. I love all the beauty I get to capture for weddings, engagements, concerts, etc., but boudoir has a special place. I’m able to carefully and creatively take someone’s willingness to be vulnerable and transform it into something that (hopefully) opens their eyes to a beauty they never knew.

It’s my hope that you’ll step a little outside your bubble and in front of the lens! Let my passion and experience guide you through one of the best gifts you’ll ever give yourself: an opportunity to embrace and love the real you. I love getting to know each of my clients over coffee first, so you can listen to my dumb jokes and ask any/all questions as we build a trust.

See you soon!



Total Geek

Random facts:

1 I’m a huge fan of all the superhero movies (especially Marvel). The Avengers is one of my all-time favorites. I think could go an entire month without wearing the same superhero shirt twice…

2 I’m a bit of a foodie. As a kid, I was the pickiest eater. Now, I’ll eat anything! I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a bit of a coffee snob. Want to get on my good side? Feed me a good burger or sushi.

3 In my (little) spare time, I’m a sound engineer. I get to mix live music on a weekly basis and absolutely love it! Dynamics, compression, effects, EQ’ing…it’s all a ton of fun to learn.