What To Expect

First and foremost: total respect, professionalism, discretion, and a genuine caring for your entire experience. You can also expect to have a ton of laughter and fun along the way!

Before The Shoot

Hot beverages and good conversation just go together.

  • Coffee! (tea or hot chocolate also acceptable)

    This is super important. Meeting in person allows us to get to know each other, answer questions, swap stories, tell jokes, and build a trust essential to working together.

  • Pin & plan

    We’ll get our ideas on Pinterest, help plan your outfits, and work out all the details of your session.

  • Start practicing!

    We’ve detailed the process on our "How To Prepare For Your Boudoir Shoot" page.

During The Shoot

Get ready for a lot of laughter, dumb jokes, and a super fun session!

  • Get your jam on

    You pick the tunes that help you relax.

  • Pick some favorites

    We’ll have your Pinterest board ready so you can be part of the collaboration. It’s a team effort!

  • Say cheese!

    No, not really. We’ll constantly give you coaching and feedback as we create some stunning images!

  • Snack break

    It’s okay, we can take as many breaks as you’d like for a snack/drink. Who knew being gorgeous would require fruit snacks?

After The Shoot

We’ll be hard at work getting your images processed as quickly as possible.

  • The wait begins...

    We know: this will be tough, but we’re gonna make it through it together! We’ll set up an Image Premiere at our office about 1-2 weeks after your session.

  • Pick your favorites

    We’ll go through each image together and pick out your absolute favorites (this may be hard to choose!) at your Image Premiere & Ordering Session

  • Order some goodies!

    We’ll help customize your order so the images are displayed exactly how you want them.

  • Brag to your friends

    Earn some complimentary upgrades and goodies when you brag and refer your friends with our REWARDS PROGRAM!

  • Schedule your next shoot

    Repeat the process and schedule your next session!