How To Prepare For Your Boudoir Shoot

Firstly, thank you! You’re one step closer to one of the best gifts you’ll ever give yourself. Here’s a step-by-step guide to prepare you for your session.

Step 1:

Get ready!

We are very excited to guide you through your experience. Here are some things to help you prepare:

Step 2:

Practice, practice, practice!

It might seem a little scary at first, but we promise that it’ll be worth it! Our challenge to you: spend 2 minutes per day trying to perfect your ‘sexy face.’ Our job is to help coach and encourage you throughout the whole process. Send us a few of your faces and we’ll offer some critique to help!

  • Put on some music

    Find your favorite station to help relax and achieve the mood.

  • It's about the angle

    Hold your phone’s camera above eye level and look up with ONLY your eyes (instead of tilting your head up). This helps narrow your eyes naturally for that ‘sexy’ effect.

  • Relax!

    Relaxation is key. Try looking away for a moment, breathe in, and take the pic as you look back to the camera (we use this frequently during shoots).

  • Confidence

    Confidence! If you don’t quite feel sexy, that’s okay. Part of it is acting, so put yourself in the mind set and give it another go!

  • Still stuck?

    That’s okay! Take a look at some advice from other models.

Step 3:

Did someone say resources?

Not sure what to wear? We can help with that, too! Before you go out and spend your whole budget on new outfits, make sure you don’t already have something that can work. Many clients already own something that’s ‘camera ready’ in their closet. Let us know what you have and we can make recommendations.


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Our preferred approach to makeup is to highlight your existing features without totally overdoing your normal routine. We want you to be happy with your images instead of thinking “that looks nothing like me.” Natural is the key word. If you’d like, we can set up a professional makeup application for only $40! (definitely recommended)
If you’re more budget-conscious or just like the DIY approach, here are some helpful links.